Another disruption…

From today ’til the 4th of May, I’ll be on a workshop on journalism. No, I’m not a journalist. It’s some event hosted by our school publication, which I am in. Also, I don’t write for the paper, I draw. In a summary, I will be inactive. Again. But, honestly, this won’t affect anyone because my audience is nonexistent. I’ll try, though, to do things. o.o

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Destiny Forge Update #3


  • 5 new maps!
    • Click the thumbnails at the right to view a map.
    • 1 Map is secret ;)
  • In-game CHEATS!

Obviously, I’ve done a lot of mapping today. They didn’t turn out as detailed as my former creations, but hey. (I’ll probably fix that) Still a lot of maps to make, though, mainly for my market area. Also, the town is still unnamed. (ಠ_ಠ better fix that)

Next up, the “cheat” system. What I’ve come up with is some sort of “Code Machine” type of thing. I don’t exactly have a graphic for it yet. Currently it is a dog. It uses the same mechanics as this, by Runefreak, except that this “Code Machine” is an actual event located in an area in the map. I will probably release codes here in this site. Probably.

+ I can (sort of) script now. No, not really. I’ve only gained the intelligence only to actually know what a certain script does.

I’m working on a story, I promise. Also, be a H@x0r and see you in the next update -Bye!

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So if you haven’t already noticed….

I hadn’t been posting as often as I usually do. I was down with a flu. A horrible, horrible flu.   Sadly, I also haven’t done much with my current project. Now, I’m all healed up and declare the continuation of Destiny Forge.

Also, today I’ve discovered that *drum roll* I got my first three site views! This will probably seem like a minor-ass achievement, but as this is my first time experience in actual blogging, it’s pretty big.

Also, during my time as a useless sick potato, I have viewed a lot of scripting tutorials and I’ve practiced a bit too. One really great series was from GubiD in youtube. Having tutorials of something as difficult as scripting in video form is really great help.

So- that sums up this little update. Bye!

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Destiny Forge Update #2

Village Part 2


  • Finished 2nd Half of Town Map (the above image)
    • Features:
    • Inn
    • 2 Unimportant Houses
    • Entrance to Marketplace/Town Square
    • Exit

Haven’t done much today. Probably because this 1760×640 bunch’a pixels took a whole lot of time to finish. D:< (or– I might be a really slow mapper) And- the town is still unnamed (I have no creativity whatsoever left after making that map)

Also, I have at least slightly developed an understanding on how scripting works. All thanks to some guy named ‘RPG’, from, who made a series of RGSS scripting tutorials called: “RGSS for Dummies”. Thing is, he made that tutorial in 2008, might seem outdated and all, but for ‘dummies’ like me, this large wall of text is very effective.

I’ve also “made” character sets and faces from the character generator in Ace. But, i don’t know. It must be really fun to actually sprite out your own characters. Plus, I draw in real life, so- pixel art might not be a breeze, but continuing the metaphor, it won’t be some kind of tornado for me either.

With the town map finally done, I now have the opportunity to actually make a story. See you tomorrow (or..idk) for the next update- Bye!

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Destiny Forge Update #1


  • Finished Tutorial Mode
    • Added Rewards
      • Wooden Sword
      • 40 EXP
  • Fixed Name Input Processing language from JAP to ENG
  • New Map (seen in the right)
    • A = Player Home
    • B = Forest Area
      • Troop Encounter Area
    • C = Pathway to other half of the town. (W.I.P.)
First of all, I would like to thank and give credit to Fomar0153 for the following script:
class Window_NameInput < Window_Selectable
 # ● Let's go for english
 def table
 return [LATIN1, LATIN2]

This piece of code fixed my problem about the name input processing language, which used to be in Japanese.

Things I will be working on next:

  • Actor Faces and Character Sets (Male and Female)
  • Other Half of the Town
  • Town Name
  • Storyline
  • A special little page for my game on this site
  • My personal scripting knowledge
Yep, you read right. I cant script. *Googles RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial* That’s about it for this update- Bye!
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Achievement Unlocked: Game Maker


Pffs.. Not really. Technically, but.. nah. I’ve been tinkering around lately with RMVX Ace exploring all the magic you could do with the events.

It’s also pretty weird that the only game making engine from Enterbrain that I’ve made an actual game was RMXP, considering that I have most of the RPG Maker series installed on my PC. (RMXP, RMVX, RMVX Ace) Plus, that game was total rubbish in my opinion- well, at least my friends from 5th grade didn’t think so (I was able to sell about three copies for about a buck each o.o) But that was literally 3 years ago and I’ve only resumed making games… well, now.

I’m currently working on a project I’ve started to call “Destiny Forge.”

My plan was to create multiple endings based on player discoveries and decisions. Hence, the name. The image on top is actually a map I made for the game, but it has nothing to do with the story or the lore whatsoever. It’s just a map I brought up to be scrolling background for the intro- for entertainment’s sake.

I haven’t really made an actual storyline yet, but I’m planning to do so simultaneously with the Event/Map/Character/Equipment/Script making. As you can see, I have a whole workload to do.

What I have made actual progress on was an in-game “Tutorial Mode” in the game’s intro.

This mode is optional, meaning that the player can freely choose whether or not he wants to undergo the tutorial. It covers the basic controls in moving, accessing the menu, and a sample battle.

The sample battle will pretty much give you a little… “added perk” which a small amount of gold and some experience, probably. I haven’t really thought of that yet. This means that players who go through the “Tutorial Mode” would probably have an easier early game.

So.. That’s about it for my first blog post. I look forward to my next one.

EDIT: Removed sample battle.

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