Destiny Forge Update #1


  • Finished Tutorial Mode
    • Added Rewards
      • Wooden Sword
      • 40 EXP
  • Fixed Name Input Processing language from JAP to ENG
  • New Map (seen in the right)
    • A = Player Home
    • B = Forest Area
      • Troop Encounter Area
    • C = Pathway to other half of the town. (W.I.P.)
First of all, I would like to thank and give credit to Fomar0153 for the following script:
class Window_NameInput < Window_Selectable
 # ● Let's go for english
 def table
 return [LATIN1, LATIN2]

This piece of code fixed my problem about the name input processing language, which used to be in Japanese.

Things I will be working on next:

  • Actor Faces and Character Sets (Male and Female)
  • Other Half of the Town
  • Town Name
  • Storyline
  • A special little page for my game on this site
  • My personal scripting knowledge
Yep, you read right. I cant script. *Googles RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial* That’s about it for this update- Bye!
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