Destiny Forge Update #2

Village Part 2


  • Finished 2nd Half of Town Map (the above image)
    • Features:
    • Inn
    • 2 Unimportant Houses
    • Entrance to Marketplace/Town Square
    • Exit

Haven’t done much today. Probably because this 1760×640 bunch’a pixels took a whole lot of time to finish. D:< (or– I might be a really slow mapper) And- the town is still unnamed (I have no creativity whatsoever left after making that map)

Also, I have at least slightly developed an understanding on how scripting works. All thanks to some guy named ‘RPG’, from, who made a series of RGSS scripting tutorials called: “RGSS for Dummies”. Thing is, he made that tutorial in 2008, might seem outdated and all, but for ‘dummies’ like me, this large wall of text is very effective.

I’ve also “made” character sets and faces from the character generator in Ace. But, i don’t know. It must be really fun to actually sprite out your own characters. Plus, I draw in real life, so- pixel art might not be a breeze, but continuing the metaphor, it won’t be some kind of tornado for me either.

With the town map finally done, I now have the opportunity to actually make a story. See you tomorrow (or..idk) for the next update- Bye!

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