Destiny Forge Update #3


  • 5 new maps!
    • Click the thumbnails at the right to view a map.
    • 1 Map is secret ;)
  • In-game CHEATS!

Obviously, I’ve done a lot of mapping today. They didn’t turn out as detailed as my former creations, but hey. (I’ll probably fix that) Still a lot of maps to make, though, mainly for my market area. Also, the town is still unnamed. (ಠ_ಠ better fix that)

Next up, the “cheat” system. What I’ve come up with is some sort of “Code Machine” type of thing. I don’t exactly have a graphic for it yet. Currently it is a dog. It uses the same mechanics as this, by Runefreak, except that this “Code Machine” is an actual event located in an area in the map. I will probably release codes here in this site. Probably.

+ I can (sort of) script now. No, not really. I’ve only gained the intelligence only to actually know what a certain script does.

I’m working on a story, I promise. Also, be a H@x0r and see you in the next update -Bye!

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