This site is dedicated to the tracking of my progress not only for the games I make, but also to my experience as technically a game developer and my advancements in the usage of RPG Maker VX Ace™ by Enterbrain. Aside from these, I am also willing to post about random fun things in my life for the sole purpose of shits and giggles.

As for myself, my real name is Karl Oreta. I live in the Philippines (Asian I am :| ). I am 14 years old. I started making games when I was 11, using mainly two engines, RPG Maker XP (better known as RMXP) and Game Maker, by YoYo Games.

I believe I have a lot yet to learn about, regarding the RPG Maker Series. Scripting is one I have yet to tackle. I will get it– someday. I’m pretty novice about Spriting, I actually can draw irl, but Pixel art? Not really my piece of cake. What I actually can do properly (imo) is Mapping. I don’t know… I like how my maps look like. I’m also pretty ‘okay’ with Event Processing and all.

So- yeah. That’s about it. The story of my life ._. Peace.


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